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handmade holiday

I'm a little (a lot?) late at posting Christmas gifts but better late than never I suppose.  For 2013 I naively thought I might save money making handmade gifts using my stash and creating unique items for my family and friends.  Turns out I spent more than I would have if I'd just bought a gift after all the notions and specialty supplies I needed.  Live and learn!  I don't regret gifting handmade, but I'll have more realistic expectations of cost next time around!

Zippered pouches!  My go-to pattern is Perfect Zip Bags by OhFransson.  I get teased a lot for making multiples.  It really is a bit of a sickness.  In my defense, I will say that sewing something more than once really helps me hone my skills.  How's that for rationalization?

Dopp Kits!  Used this tutorial as a guide.  Outside fabric is waxed canvas, inside is backpack cloth, pulls are leather.  A note if you are planning on sewing a bunch with waxed canvas...the wax does gum up your sewing machine.  I had waxy residue in my hook race and especially on my feed dogs.  I had to go in with a toothpick to get it all out.  Oh and some people have never heard of the term Dopp Kit so I got curious as to why they are called Dopp Kits...wikipedia to the rescue!

Some simple pillow cases in on of my all time favorite Amy Butler fabrics.

Union Jack paper pieced pillows!  I enjoyed making these, though I didn't know the Union flag was such an odd shape.  Rather long and skinny.  I had to make custom pillow forms to fit.  Tried an invisible zipper for the first time with these...wasn't too scary!

Flirting the Issue skirt for my niece.  I love this pattern.  It's so easy to whip up.  
Perfect for a beginner garment!

I used the tree skirt pattern from Simply Modern Christmas to make this quick project.  I've made two projects from Cindy's book now; I highly recommend it!

Hope you had a great 2013 Holiday Season!
I feel like I should start sewing now for 2014...


Melissa Miller said...

I bet a lot of people think handmade means cheaper. You've been a busy bee.

Kristy said...

I just love seeing that stack of pretty zippered pouches. You certainly were busy over the holidays.

Gina said...

I can't get over that stack of zippered pouches! You are a machine, MC!

Donna said...

Love the bags and I did handmade last year and it was a big war over them at our dirty Santa party. It made for good fun. Love the tree skirt too. I really enjoy making pillows also. Thanks for sharing. Happy stitching,