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diy at your doorstep

I am really excited about the DIY at Your Doorstep kits that Country Living Magazine is offering!

There are currently four kits available and one is for my flex frame coin purse pattern called "Cha Ching".  The kit comes with full instructions (with pictures) and supplies to make two linen purses.  I do hope you'll take a minute and check it out!  More kits are being released in the next few weeks so be sure to check the Country Living site; I'm loving the green gloves that are available on December 9th!

Here is a photo of some coin purses I made with the pattern in case you want to see them made with different fabrics. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your handmade holiday plans are progressing nicely!

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Gina said...

One little purse is just as darling as the next. Kudos to you, MC!