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i'm bringin' 'gammon back

Once upon a time I played backgammon.
It's a great game and the board is simple geometric style at it's best.
 I'd been thinking about making a backgammon inspired quilt for a while now and the Quilt Story Block Party gave me the push I needed to try out my ideas and play.

Version one was a bit of a fail because my points came all the way to the edge of the block.    
Do over?

Version two turned out better.  This design was just something I jotted down and did rough measurements for.  If I ever make more blocks I'll need to actually make a template so everything comes out more precise.

I used Kona coal and yellow/purple scraps for my "board".

It's not regulation, but I still like it!
I think I'll make a pillow from this block, dig out the ole backgammon board and see if I can still remember how to play!

I'm entering my "I'm Bringin' 'Gammon Back!" block in the Quilt Story Block Party.  
Click on the link below to be inspired by all the other entries!

Fresh Poppy Design

ETA: I am completely humbled to say this block was a Block Party Winner!  So excited!


Bry said...

This is so awesome! I love it!

Cindy said...

Wow! Beautiful! Great idea!

Nancy said...

I like that it's not so precise... LOVE the yellow and coal...

Rachel Hauser said...


emilyc @ Sew Super Sweet said...

So unique, I have never seen a block like this one before...so neat! This will be one beautiful quilt! Love your colors!

Jamie Mueller @ SunFlower Seeds said...

love it!

Alecia said...

Great idea! I love the inspiration and I love the finished block. Great colors. :)

Tasha Roe said...

this is so much fun!! aren't you the smartest!!

Tasha Roe said...

so this is the winner!! congrats girl!!