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swap x three

It has been a good while since I participated in swaps but recently the bug hit me again and before I knew it I was committed to three.  I thought it would be fun to share those here together.

The first I'll share was the Shnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap.  There were over 600 participants in this fun swap!  I honestly had a hard time following so many projects, but wow were there some amazing quilts made.  The generosity of quilters is pretty tough to beat.  I mostly followed on IG but there was a Flickr group too.  My partner was Patty Sloniger (who just happens to have a very lovely new fabric line out right now called Emma's Garden) and I made her this.

A flying geese mini out of Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks line and a Sew Together Bag filled with a few little goodies.  Patty was so gracious and on her blog you can see a picture of her mini hanging on the wall.

I pretty much feel like I won the Mini Swap Lottery on the piece I received from my partner, Jen.  A Flowering Snowball Mini out of Anna Maria Horner!  Hand quilted and beautifully assembled.

Seriously!  It's amazing and I continue to be in awe of it everyday.  Jen also sent a purse, a key fob, yarn, and a ton of Canadian candy (which was sooo yummy!).  
Just crazy good and generous; so lucky!

The second swap I signed up for was the Orphan Block Swap through the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild.  It's a blind swap with the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild and what a fun way to use up a test block or a block that just wasn't what you expected it to look like etc.

I used my paper piecing project from the Carolyn Freedlander Aerial class at the Nashville Sewdown and made a little tote!  I'll find out what I get in return at September's guild meeting; should be a fun one!

A few people dropped out of the swap so I stepped in to make an extra item, this easy quilted zippered pouch that was actually a left over from my first try at an item for Patty in the Mini Quilt swap.

And finally my third swap was something I initiated via Instagram when I commented on one of  my favorite yarn dyer's photos.  Beata runs Hedgehog Fibres and I am crazy about her yarn.  The colors are amazing and there is no pooling - win win.  I sewed her two Sew Together Bags and in return she sent me some amazing yarns!


x plus

Well it's been a long time waiting but my x plus quilt is finally finished!

I was originally inspired to make this quilt after seeing this amazing one by Holly at Bijou Lovely.  I also used blacks, neutrals, and Anna Maria Horner for my quilt but my blocks ended up a little different so there is less black and neutral showing, which kind of changes the look a bit.  Badskirt had the original pattern I wanted to use and SewAlligorical had a charm square version, but in the end I had a cutting mishap and had to re size everything around that!  Quilter problems, right?

Instead of using one line of AMH, I decided to be brave and use all the charm squares I had accumulated during the crazy AMH charm swaps that happened on Flickr in I think 2012.  The x's in this quilt have 196 unique AMH quilting cotton prints from Bohemian, Chocolate Lollipop, Garden Party, Good Folks, Innocent Crush, Lou Lou Thi, and Field Study.  I used different Denyse Schmidt prints for my pluses, mostly Hope Valley and Chicopee if I recall.

I started piecing this quilt back in April of 2013 and quickly finished the top at a Lou Bee Retreat in May of that same year. It sat for a while while my Mom finished her current quilt project, but eventually it was my turn again and my Mom just finished the hand quilting this week. Like Swoon, she used Aurifil 12wt.  I can't recommend this thread enough  for hand quilting.  It's got less drag than Perle cotton and is a tad bit thinner.  I love the look of it too.  Again, as with my Swoon quilt, I used voile for the backing.  I am sure that it will wear faster than quilting cotton, but it is so snugly that I don't care.  I'll treat it gingerly and wash it sparingly and basque in the softness until it's thread bare.

Some kind person in the AMH charm swap coordinated with Anna to get signed charms for those of us who wanted one.  Of course I wanted one!  Here's a close up of the block with her signature.  One wash and it's still there!

Love love love this quilt.  My Swoon used to be my favorite.
I think this one just took over the top spot!


modern ohio star

I am so happy to share this quilt with you!

Last Summer/Fall the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild issued a challenge to make a modern styled quilt with the traditional and classic pattern Ohio Star.  I love this kind of exercise - it really gets my wheels turning and I think it's so fun to play with the classics!

Using the Quilt Design Tool on Threadbias I came up with a fun star with in a star pattern that used value to create the pattern. Since low volume or quiet neutrals are so popular and I like the look, I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the quilt too.

This was my first attempt at using value in a quilt so I used the old trick of looking at my fabrics in black and white, which is so easy now with camera phones!  I just snapped a picture and quickly edited it to black and white via my phone's camera app.  It worked well as I could easily see what needed to be changed.  I was sometimes surprised at what read as light vs. medium etc.  

My design wall was a big help in assembling this pattern as it's easy to get the pieces turned around!  Even with that, I had to do quilt surgery after I pieced the top to turn two blocks around.  Doh!

I used scraps for the back just for fun, and my Mom kindly hand quilted a simple and sparse Ohio Star pattern on the quilt.  I knew I was going to hang this one up, so I pieced in triangles in each corner of the back so that I could insert a dowel rod for hanging any which way.

I didn't win the guild challenge; there were so many wonderful quilts! If you have a minute you should really check out Cindy Lammon's winning entry - her Ohio Star is stunning and oh so good!  Guild members brought their A-game to this challenge, I wish I had more pictures to share!

McCall's decided to pick up my quilt and offer the pattern in it's June/July 2014 issue that is on stands now!  Here is a picture of the cover so it will be easy to spot if you go look for it.  
I hope you'll check it out!

I am already humbled by some fun Instagram love for this pattern!

Thanks for stopping by!!



Several years ago my friend Kelli gave me a huge box of scraps.  All remnants from mass dress pattern cutting, odd shapes but lots of usable material.  Eventually I went through the box and cut squares, with the thought that someday I'd make a quilt.  3x3, 5x5, and 8.5x8.5 were the best sizes I could come up with in order to maximize the scraps, and after that bout of productivity…it sat.

The scraps were starting to get to me (as most lingering projects do) and I decided to use them for a charity auction quilt benefiting the American Cancer Society.  I've donated goods for several years now, and this year I donated in the name of my sister in law Dawn!  Dawn had surgery last fall to remove her cancer and is doing so well! Go Dawn! 


The planning is pretty un-glamorous.  Post-it with some pretty sad drawings.  It worked though!
I had enough to add a row to "the plan" and stitched it up at a St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild Sew-In Saturday event.  It's so much fun to sew with friends!

I added in some of my own stash fabrics to round out the scrap prints and make it a bit more interesting than using just three prints.  The donated scraps were all from an older Moda line called Hello Betty by Chloe's Closet.  It's a color departure for me, but I found that the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. 

My friend Jamie quilted this on her long arm for me and did an excellent job!  I chose an all over swirly design that I think you can see in some of the pictures.  
Check out her blog for more examples of her work!

Just a simple backing, using a scrap piece and some Moda Bella. You can see all those fun swirls!

Because my friend Kristy guilted me into keeping the scraps of the scraps (love ya Kristy!),  
I also made a matching pillow.  It's kinda fun to have them coordinate and a good way to use up scraps.

I turned this quilt in a week ago and the auction is coming up fast; I hope it makes a good chunk of change and makes someone happy to have won it!
Thanks to Kelli, Dawn, Jamie, and Kristy!

Oh and also to my Mom who hand sewed the binding on this quilt the night before I turned it in!